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A guide tour of Full Waveform Inversion(FWI)

Short course (8 hours)

This page contains the slides of a lecture on FWI entitled "A guided tour of Full Waveform Inversion (FWI)". This short course (8 hours) has been given on 25-26 October 2021 in the frame of the 17th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society & Expogef.

Full course (high resolution)

A guided tour of Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) (PDF) (492Mb)

Full course (compressed)

A guided tour of Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) (PDF) (158Mb)


Content (PDF)

Introduction (PDF) (7.4Mb)

Notations (PDF) (0.5Mb)

Chapter 1: Forward problem: the wave equation and its numerical resolution (PDF) (18Mb)

Chapter 2: Some preliminaries on numerical optimization (PDF) (0.7Mb)

Chapter 3: The reduced-space formulation of FWI (PDF) (13Mb)

Chapter 4: Resolution analysis: the key role of acquisition design (PDF) (27Mb)

Chapter 5: FWI for reflection data: Reflection Waveform Inversion (RWI) (PDF) (33Mb)

Chapter 6: FWI nonlinearity: the cycle skipping pathology and remedies (PDF) (180Mb)

Chapter 7: Managing FWI ill-posedness with regularization (PDF) (7.2Mb)

Chapter 8: Multi-parameter FWI: problem statement, density, attenuation, anisotropy and elasticity (PDF) (211Mb)

Conclusions & Perspectives (PDF) (0.3Mb)

Acknowledgements (PDF) (0.26Mb)

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