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3D EAGE/SEG Overthrust model

Original model

Acoustic onshore model.

V_mn, V_max = 2178.83447 6000.00000 m/s
  • Downlad the original 3D grid [Vp] here
n1=187 n2=801 n3=801 d1=d2=d3=25m
  • Download our favorite 2D section (i3=455) here
n1=187 n2=801 d1=d2=25m

  • Download the 3D grid resampled with a grid interval of 50m here
n1= 94 n2=401 n3=401 d1=d2=d3=50m

Velocity grid used for benchmarking the wavelength-adaptive 27-point stencil.

References: H. Aghamiry, A. Gholami, L. Combe and S. Operto, Accurate 3D frequency-domain seismic wave modeling with the wavelength-adaptive 27-point finite-difference stencil: a tool for full waveform inversion, Geophysics, to appear.

The size of the grid is 93 x 401 x 401 for a grid interval of 50 m (57 Mb). Compared to the original model one sample out of two has been kept.

The FDFD solution is verified against the solution computed with the Convergent Series Method (CBS) .


title={A convergent Born series for solving the inhomogeneous Helmholtz equation in arbitrarily large media},
author={Osnabrugge, Gerwin and Leedumrongwatthanakun, Saroch and Vellekoop, Ivo M},
journal={Journal of computational physics},

The velocity grid and the CBS wavefield (real and imaginary parts of the monochromatic wavefield) in raw binary format can be downloaded below to test the 27-point stencil in the FDFDMATRIX package available in the OpenCodes menu.

Download the velocity grid here (.BIN)

CBS solution (real and imaginary parts) here Real part (.bin) Imaginary part (.bin)


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