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LISALPS project

Probing the 3D Alpine lithosphere

by Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) of the AlpArray teleseismic data

What is LisAlps?

The main objective of the LisAlps project funded by the ANR AAPG 2020 is to develop new models of the crustal and upper mantle structure of the Alpine arc by Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) from the teleseismic data collected during the European initiative AlpArray. The LisAlps project started on 15 January 2021 for a duration of four years. The LisAlps project involves methodological developments aiming at improving FWI when applied to spatially downsampled teleseismic data and applications aiming at imaging the crust and upper mantle of the full Alpine chain and a target centred on the Ligurian knot. This project involves three partners (Geoazur, LMA and ISTerre) and gathers Alpine geologists, high-performance computing enginneers and computational and appied seismologists.

The AlpArray initiative

Imaging the crust and the upper mantle by FWI from teleseismic data: Principes & challenges

Objectives and targets of LisAlps from the geodynamical perspectives

Methodological developments revolving around FWI

The project will start in January 2021.

The pre-proposal of the LisAlps project submitted to ANR AAPG 2020 (pdf).

The final proposal of the LisAlps project submitted to ANR AAPG 2020 (pdf).

Activity report (18 months) (pdf)