Guust Nolet: List of most recent publications

164.   Zaroli, C., J.-J. Leveque, B. Schuberth, Z. Duputel and G. Nolet, Global S-wave tomography using receiver pairs: An alternative to get rid of earthquake mislocation, Geophys.J.Int.,, 199, 1043-1057, doi 10.1093/gji/ggu312, 2014.

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168.   M. Marot, T. Monfret, M. Gerbault, G. Nolet, G. Ranalli, M. Pardo, Flat vs. Normal Subduction Zones: A Comparison Based on 3D Regional Traveltime Tomography and Petrological Modeling of Central Chile and Western Argentina (29-35S), Geophys. J. Int., 199 ,1633-1654, 2014.

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176   Beller, S,. V. Monteiller, S. Operto, G. Nolet and A. Paul, Lithosperic architecture of the South-Western Alps revealed by multi-parameter teleseismic full-waveform inversionGeophys. J. Int., 212, 1369--1388, 2018.

177   Beller, S,. V. Monteiller, L. Combe, S. Operto, and G. Nolet, On the sensitivity of teleseismic full waveform inversion to earth parametrisation, initial model and acquisition design, Geophys. J. Int., 212, 1344--1368, 2018.

Submitted or in press

178.   Nolet,G., Y. Hello, S. van der Lee, S. Bonnieux, M.C. Ruiz, N.A. Pazmino, A. Deschamps, M.M. Regnier, Y. Font, Y.J. Chen and F.J. Simons, Imaging the Galapagos mantle plume with an unconventional application of floating seismometers, Sci. Rep., in press, 2019

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