Raffaella Montelli's finite-frequency tomography models - Download from this page



The tomography models PRI-P05 and PRI-S05

Some background

In 2004, Raffaella Montelli and co-workers published the first global tomographic model for P velocity that used finite-frequency theory (Montelli et al., 2004). At the time, we had only two frequency bands available for P waves: the low-frequency cross-correlation observations from Scripps (courtesy of Guy Masters), and the published ISC onset times for P, which we assumed to be sufficiently `high frequency' to be modeled with ray theory (the idea was to extract the extra information available from the different resolution).

The models showed, for the first time, the existence of a dozen lower mantle plumes. At the time, Morgan's `plume hypothesis' was under attack. Moreover, many seismologists were understandably not eager to throw their (ray-theoretical) software in the garbage bin. Consequently, the new global model was not everywhere favourably received... In answer to Adam Dziewonski who challenged us to show that S velocity models give the same result, we also analysed S data - though this data set is only reliable for the low frequency band, and therefore not as well constrained. We also redid the analysis for P waves and corrected a (minor) error in the crustal corrections. The resulting models were published by (Montelli et al., 2006). These are the models you can download from this page.

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