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T2L2 Time Transfer by Laser Link

General comments :
T2L2 data are processed on a daily basis, as soon as they are delivered by the T2L2 Instrument Mission Centre (“CMI”, located in CNES, Toulouse, France) on the one hand, and are available at the international data centers on the other hand (EDC for EUROLAS Data Center in DGFI and CDDIS for Crustal Dynamics Data Information System in NASA).
The T2L2 data processing is based on 5 different levels ; it is developed by the Scientific Mission Center (“CMS”, located in Geoazur/CNRS-OCA-UNS, in Sophia-Antipolis, France). Levels I to III are dedicated to the processing of onboard and ground data, and to the computation of orbital parameters/corrections (as the satellite attitude, the control of range residuals, etc.) which result in the indentification process of the “Triplets”. Then, levels IV and V are dedicated to the Ground to Space time transfer processing (fine corrections, analysis of noise, filtering, etc.) and to calculation of the Ground to Ground link between 2 involved SLR stations, respectively.

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